Strategic Foresight for Corporate and Regional Development
Strategic Foresight for Corporate and Regional Development
Authors : Michel Godet with Philippe Durance
Date of publication : 2011
Editor : DUNOD - UNESCO - Fondation Prospective et Innovation

Strategic  Foresight for Corporate and Regional Development is the English version of the recently revised and enhanced French edition of La prospective stratégique pour les entreprises et les territoires by Michel Godet and Philippe Durance.


French edition of Strategic Foresight for Corporate and Regional Development is going to be published late to 2011 by Dunod.


Download french content.

Translation of this manual into seven languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian)  has begun with the cooperation of the UNESCO Prospective Unit, the Circle of Entrepreneurs of the Future and the Fondation Prospective et Innovation. All versions will gradually become available online to download free of charge.


A  limited number of  print copies will be available at the Fondation Prospective et Innovation.


Language Title Contents Full Text
English Strategic Foresight
Strategic Foresight
Portuguese A prospectiva estratégica
A prospectiva estratégica
Chinese 战略展望学
Arab الاستشراف الاستراتيجي للمؤسسات والأقاليم
الاستشراف الاستراتيجي للمؤسسات والأقاليم
German Strategische Vorausschau
Strategische Vorausschau
Spaniard La prospectiva estratégica
La prospectiva estratégica
Creating Futures
Creating Futures
Authors : Michel GODET
Date of publication : 2006
Editor : Economica

Scenario Planning as a Strategic Management Tool

Michel Godet

Preface by Joseph F. COATES

Paris : Economica, 2006 - ISBN 2-7178-5244-1

Second Edition

From anticipation to action
From anticipation to action
Authors : Michel GODET
Date of publication : 1994

A handbook of stategic prospective

Unesco Publishing


by Michel Godet

Scenarios and Strategic Management
Authors : Michel Godet, preface by igor Ansoff
Date of publication : 1987
Editor : Butterworths

The book presents the concept of "prospective", the french-inspired approach to futures studies, which is then related to the current range of planning techniques by setting out how companies and other organizations may install the necessary strategic management processes in study groups and planning departments. Readers are exhorted and guided to "think against the trend".

The best-selling Frech edition of this book won the 1985 "Grand Prix Harvard L'Expansion", awarded by a committee of French Managers who have graduated from Harvard Business School.

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