Circle for Prospective Action

Members of the Circle for Prospective Action (CPA)

The Entrepreneurs’ Circle of the Future, created in 2003, reorganized as the Circle for Prospective Action (CPA) and includes between 40 and 50 member companies which are represented by their respective logos on the (click on the tab Circle for Prospective Action).



The Circle currently includes more than 40 members of which 19 are Benefactors:


Adecco, Cap Gemini, la CGPME, Colas, DGAC, DEVOTEAM, Epita, ERDF, FNTP, France Télécom, Monceau Assurances, Quick, Randstad-Vedior, Schneider Electric, la SNCF, Sopra Group, Soparind Bongrain, Syntec Numérique, and UIMM

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