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Fundamental texts


Technological Forecasting in Perspective
Authors : Erich Jantsch
Date of publication : 1967
Editor : OCDE
About morphological analysis
Authors : Stephen M. Maurer

A recent short biography of Zwicky and his scientific exploits. Thanks to Beamline (past Standford-University journal)
« IDEAMAN Sixty years ago, Fritz Zwicky was the ... »

See also the Swedish Morphological Society web site

The Language of Forecasting
Authors : François Hetman
Date of publication : 1969
Editor : Futuribles
The image of the future
Authors : Fred Polak
Date of publication : 1973

translated and abridged by Elise Boulding, Elsevier

The Old World and the New Technologies
Authors : Michel Godet et Olivier Ruyssen
Date of publication : 1981
Editor : European perspectives

CCE , Bruxelles

Scenarios : The search for foresight, The Antidote, Issue 22

With the permission of Emerald,

Scenarios, the search for foresight

The Antidote, The independent guide to issues, currently on the management agenda - Issue : 22

Zwicky and morphological analysis
Authors : Stephen M. Maurer

Idea Man, by Stephen M. Maurer - Beam Line

Senior witnesses


Discussion with Michel Crozier
Authors : Philippe Durance
Date of publication : September 2006

Sociologist and member of the Institute

Translated by Adam Gerber

Discussion with Michel Godet
Authors : Philippe Durance
Date of publication : September 2004

How I Became a Futurist
Authors : Philippe Durance and Adam Gerber
Date of publication : January 2006
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