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Prospective Workshops
Thanks to the experience and imagination of François Bourse, the reworked collaborative tool " Prospective Workshops " now completes and replaces the downloadable files developed by Michel Godet in 1985. This software was developed in 2015. (See Creating Futures in the BOOKS section of the website la prospective)
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Structural analysis is a tool designed to structure collective reflection, a legacy of the systems analysis work of the RAND Corporation as detailed in Erik Jantsch's famous book. The Micmac method (Matrix-based Multiplication Applied to a Classification) was developed by Michel Godet in 1971. This method was applied to key factors in the development of nuclear energy in 1974 with J.C. Duperrin (CEA, Atomic Energy Council in France).
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Scenaring Tools
Scenaring Tools was developed in 2015 by François Bourse and Michel Godet by drawing on Zwicky's morphological analysis. Scenaring Tools combine prospective basics and scenario building through morphological analysis. It is actually a service bundle including several modules of which two, "Prospective Radar" and "Morphol", are presented in the current version.
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Prob Expert
Cross-impact probability methods aim to define simple and conditional probabilities of hypotheses and /or events, as well as the probabilities of combinations of the latter, taking into account interactions between events or hypotheses. The goal of these methods is not only to tease out the most plausible scenarios for decision-makers, but also to examine combinations of hypotheses that one would have initially excluded.
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Color Insight
Originally developed in the 1970s by Dr François Régnier, the abacus method or the color-coded voting method was reworked by Stan Zeltner and Kévin Walter in 2013 on behalf of the Circle for Prospective Action (CPA). Color Insight is a tool used to manage participation by collecting participants' perceptions in a Prospective procedure and rendering them in the form of colored cards.
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Developed in 1989-1990 by François Bourse and Michel Godet, was first used on air transportation problems
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