Methods of prospective

Prospective Workshops

Thanks to the experience and imagination of François Bourse, the reworked collaborative tool " Prospective Workshops " now completes and replaces the downloadable files developed by Michel Godet in 1985. This software was developed in 2015. (See Creating Futures in the BOOKS section of the website la prospective)

This new software makes online workshops possible with no time or place restrictions. Group work, either live or in time-delay mode, becomes easier and generates immediate results.


This standard version for workshops is versatile and may be scaled with parameters.  It may be adapted to specific workshop themes, such as “Anticipating Change”, “Chasing Clichés”, as well as used in generating collective images of risk (“Importance/Uncertainties”). This version also enables the administrator to manage retrospective surveys (several retro-prospective questions; i.e., asking about the past in order to look toward the future), as well as run workshops on stakes or other actions.  

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