Methods of prospective

Color Insight

Originally developed in the 1970s by Dr François Régnier, the abacus method or the color-coded voting method was reworked by Stan Zeltner and Kévin Walter in 2013 on behalf of the Circle for Prospective Action (CPA). Color Insight is a tool used to manage participation by collecting participants' perceptions in a Prospective procedure and rendering them in the form of colored cards.

The abacus survey method is a major forecasting tool which is growing in popularity for consulting experts and stakeholders (view Santé 2025, Alimentation et société 2025 etc.). It expresses expert opinion using votes in different colours on shared subjects (Abaque de Régnier®).


The Fondation Prospective et Innovation and the Cne-Cnam run the Cercle des Entrepreneurs in partnership and have funded the creation of a software tool. The tool was greatly lacking in the time of virtual networks and in the development of surveys with experts around the world.


This innovative development of the Abacus method is now available for the general public to download for free:


This easy-to-use computer tool enables users to launch the abacus method to consult expert forecasters. Color Insight enables users to immediately programme forecast surveys online (survey topics, items, expert selection, reminders, reply monitoring, result optimisation etc.) and use it on social networks and smartphones.

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