Methods of prospective

Strategic Foresight Softwares

The Circle for Prospective Action (CPA) and 3IE EPITA have joined forces to disseminate these strategic prospective methods and tools free of charge.
The complexity of contemporary problems and those we are likely to face in the future compels us to use the best possible methods available. Fortunately, there is a rich legacy of such methods. Our challenge today is to preserve and enrich this legacy. In the spirit of this challenge, the Circle for Prospective Action (CPA),  3IE (Institute of Computer Science and Innovation for...    
Prospective softwares and toolbox
Seven Problems, seven Tools   Although strategic foresight is an intellectual “non-discipline” it nevertheless requires rigor and formalization, which clarify action and lead towards desired futures. The toolbox allows the strategist to ask the right questions and reduce incoherencies and uncertainties. Strategic foresight is an art that requires talents like...    
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