The MMA Foundation of Entrepreneurs of the Future

A Do-Tank Serving Entrepreneurs

The MMA Foundation MMA of Entrepreneurs of the Future was officially created by decree JO, November 28, 2015.  As a ‘Do-Tank’ it seeks to support and encourage regional entrepreneurs in their initiatives, innovation and ability to benefit from demographic, environmental, technological changes.  The Foundation MMA of Entrepreneurs of the Future seeks to promote successful, even impertinent entrepreneurial initiatives that help build the future and prepare France for the challenges of the 21st Century.



The President of the Foundation is Hervé Frapsauce, General Manager of the MMA group.


He is assisted by two vice-presidents, Professor Michel Godet, member of the Academy of Technologies, and Jean-Marc Bernard, Director, Central Marketing and Development of the MMA. Patrick Miliotis occupies the position of general delegate.


The Foundation also has a scientific committee and jury of 40 people for the Grand Prix des Bonnes Nouvelles des Territoires.


The President’s Message

Our vision is utilitarian and optimistic. The doors of change and hope open inside those companies and regions which, despite limitations, manage to innovate and count on their own resources first and foremost. The 21st century is one of change. France must confront broad demographic, environmental, digital, technological, and sociological changes if it is to improve the national economy.  Now is the time for individuals and collectivities to rise to these challenges and forge new forms of solidarity and entrepreneurial initiatives.


Often little is needed to get the wheels rolling for people who have ideas and act on their initiatives.  If each of us takes a step in the spot where he/she is, then the entire French society will start to move forward again. 


Contact Person

Philippe Briffaut, Representative, at 01 57 64 32 14. Follow us on:

Tweeter : Entrepreneurs@MMA_initiatives

Facebook : MMA_initiatives

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